Christmas Adam Rescue

Last night as we were returning from our office Christmas Adam Party (Adam came before Eve so Christmas Adam is the day before Christmas Eve), we had quite an experience in front of our house.  Valerie & I were in separate cars and as I drove by the woods near our house, I noticed a figure in the snow which I didn’t pay much attention to.  I thought it was just someone walking down the street.  Valerie came behind me and noticed that it was an old lady who was trying to get her coat on.  She was in the dark, in the snow, and not near anything.  Valerie told me about it and we went to check it out.  When we approached, we saw a very old lady (probably 70s or 80s), about 4 ft 10in, that was standing in the snow and trying to get her coat on (It was -4 C & 27 F).  Valerie recognized pretty quickly that she was drunk and very disoriented.  She tried to ask her where she lived or where she was going without much response.  Valerie started helping her down our street hoping we could find a Hungarian neighbor to help.  We rang the doorbell of our neighbors that is a Hungarian lady married to an American.  She came out in her shorts and tried to talk to the lady and she wasn’t responding.  Then, another neighbor approached and said that he would help.  He called an Ambulance as we walked to the bus stop.  We tried to get her to sit down at the bus stop, but she wouldn’t have any part of that.  Valerie searched her pockets looking for some identification, and to her surprise pulled out her TEETH!!!  As we stood there with our new Hungarian friend Balazs, we learned that her name was Marika and that she didn’t have any family.  After Valerie asked about her family, she started crying.  She didn’t answer most of the questions, so while we were waiting we were talking to Balazs in English trying to get to know him.  Marika spoke up and said (in Hungarian), “Talk Hungarian!!!”  That was a funny moment in the midst of a scary one.  Eventually, the Ambulance came and took Marika off.  We pray that she will be okay and that they will get her home.  It is scary to think of what would have happened to her if we hadn’t seen her.  The ambulance drivers said that they had been looking for her and couldn’t find her.

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